Pales d.o.o. was founded in 1992 for the purpose of promotion and sale of Arnold Schwarzenegger food supplements for sportspersons. After the conclusion of the food supplements business and several years of business inactivity, the company was revived. We were pioneers with a new type of advertising space: on headrests in buses, trains and aircraft and video advertisements in waiting rooms, primarily in health centres. Above all we prepared the market in this field for other companies, who now successfully market the specific advertising space.

The company was restructured and we continued the story in other fields, operating under the trademark Skupina OPUS (OPUS Group). The slogan of our company is: Odkrijmo Pot Uspeha Skupaj - OPUS! (We find the path to success together – OPUS!). Skupina OPUS has the following sub-groups:

1. OPUS Sec – covers the fields of digital video surveillance, security of computer systems, consultancy
2. Skupina OPUS Design – covers the fields of interdisciplinary integral project planning in the sphere of graphic, internet, video and spatial design and organisation of events
3. OPUS Aeris – this is a project for a series of furniture, marketed under the slogan "No Cable Society". This is futuristic planning of the working environment and offices, which is based on lightness, extreme mobility and insertion in the modern technology of the future.

The company has throughout had 2-3 regular employees and operates on a system of project combination. Over the years it has made a high quality selection of close external associates. The head office is located in Ljubljana at Kongresni trg 5 and it has a business unit in Kranj at Glavni trg 17, Slovenia - EU.

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